Keeping the world at home in World Splatfest (1222p, 7-3, Tri-slosher)

16th December 2016 – 7.00 am

Another friendly battle in the Splatfest. I'm hoping my Tri-slosher will be useful in the long corridors of Port Mackerel, but I suppose I'm getting used to the bucket and can do good things with it on every map.

Heading towards the centre of the map doesn't always work so well, but I'm not sure what else to do when I'm sloshing so much ink everywhere. Spying a charger gives me a purpose, and again I make use of my Disruptor to help me get a splat.

I remember being a nuisance on Port Mackerel in Turf Wars. I like to hit the side corridors of the opposition, as they are difficult to get to and I like the challenge. Generally, I try to stay away from doing so when there are inklings respawning, but I both want to push my luck and am happy to use my Bubbler.

Blimey, the charger gave me quite a shove. That's okay, I was going that way anyway. I ink more turf and expect someone to follow, but they don't. No problem, I drop down and cause more problems for the yellow team instead.

We have the other team stuck right at their end of the map. I don't like to keep pressing them for too long, but it's okay in this case, because I get splatted back out of the way. I tidy up some ink patches before seeing what's happening at the base.

In the end, the map isn't as pink as I thought. I checked before pushing up and no one had escaped, but it seems we missed an inkling coming down the side. Good for him. Also, it doesn't help that they went down an inkling half-way through the battle.

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