Keeping it green in World Splatfest (995p 7-2, Splatterscope)

17th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

Perhaps not my most sensible start to a Turf War, following a fellow inkling as she inks the path. It can be a bit confusing right at the start, though, with no one really knowing which way to go. I think I went in to autopilot.

Thankfully, our paths diverge soon enough, mostly from my hanging back, trying to act more like a traditional charger. I can't do that forever though, and press higher to ink more turf and add some extra pressure.

The inklings get past me, though, and thanks to a lucky Splat Bomb I can turn and clear up the blue ink. It may take me three shots and standing at point blank range to splat the Splatling, but at least I get the splat in the end.

Taking out the Inkzooka is always satisfying, even if I couldn't save my squidmate. And I stay back a bit longer, making sure our side stays green, and tidying up after the Inkstrike.

But I can't help myself, and press forwards again. This gets me splatted, and lets the blue team past the half-way mark. That can often turn the tide of the battle, but thankfully for us they come just a little too late.

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