Can't avoid the water in World Splatfest (1024p, 5-1, Splatterscope)

18th December 2016 – 7.00 am

Mahi-Mahi Resort has been my problem map in this Splatfest. I can't stop falling in the water, even when the other inklings aren't splatting me everywhere. It's a shame, as I quite enjoy the map otherwise. Maybe it has something to do with playing it only in Ranked, where there are small differences.

This battle, though, goes well for me for the most part, back using the Splatterscope with the thin ambition of getting some splats from aiming. I even mildly irritate myself splatting the purple inkling aiming to come the side route. That's the route I try to take to surprise chargers, which is why I'm wise to it.

I am knocked off my perch by an inkling, and when I move to try to get a better angle, I see a splash of water. Was that him? Maybe. Maybe not, not when I splat him making a charge towards me. It was touch and go, though, and in other matches, where lag has been my biggest enemy, I would have been splatted and getting salty.

Talking of getting salty, despite my efforts to stay unsplatted by purple ink, and doing quite well at aiming and inking, the water beckons to me like a siren. I cannot resist. A bigger surprise is that that is my only splat, even when an Inkbrush comes rushing towards me. Not a bad battle, really.

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