Laggy Luna Blaster but Queen of the World Splatfest (1218p, 5-3, Tri-slosher)

18th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

Lag has come and gone in this Splatfest for me. I've really felt it in some matches, but in others it's been fine. I've generally quit a squad when the lag has been bad, but there's not much you can do during a battle.

This battle starts out nicely, inking lots of turf, popping my Bubbler at a good time and watching a Suction Bomb dissolve in to it, and having the team push up as one. My first excursion towards the opposition base goes without incident too.

All looks good. I even remember not only to use my Disruptor, but to fall back for a second to let it take effect before pushing in for the splat. It's a good tactic, which is why it works. Until lag kicks in a second later. That's pretty frustrating.

At least getting splatted lets me ink the side routes that were ignored for the turf further up. Apparently, that's a good place to be too, because the blue team have pushed back, and quite hard. Not even my Bubbler saves me from the later Kraken, although I don't know how I didn't slosh him first.

Judging by the fading in and out of the various ink patches, and the second horribly laggy splat by the Luna Blaster, that lag is sticking its beak in to the battle where it's not wanted. But despite the occasional glitch, at least I can ink turf reliably, and a last push forwards sees us gain the victory, and I earn the title Queen of the World!

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