Splats but little progress in Rainmaker (9-7, Hydra Splatling)

20th December 2016 – 7.00 am

With Port Mackerel and Camp Triggerfish in rotation, a charger seems like a perfect weapon to choose, whatever the mode. I choose the Hydra Splatling again, for a little variety. And the mode turns out to be Rainmaker. That'll do.

I get some splats to start with, which is good. Trading with a regular charger shouldn't be disappointing, but maybe I should keep more of a distance. Then again, so should he.

More splats! This battle is going quite well. Except for the Rainmaker bit, but that's barely significant. But my squidmates try to take care of that, which is a relief, given that I really should stick to the support role.

Those Seekers are a pain. They continue to give me pains in other battles too. One inkling even rides the ink trail to pop up behind me. Nice move, and it still works!

I feel I need to take care of that charger for my squidmates, and, as it looks like, the Carbon Roller to get rid of his Seekers. I aim to do that and, on the second pass, manage to do so. It still doesn't stop the blue team's advance.

Oh well, less of the Rainmaker and more of a battle over turf for me. But it was another good experience with the Hydra Splatling. Maybe I'll use it more often.

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