A win and a loss in Rainmaker (?-?, Splatterscope)

21st December 2016 – 7.00 pm

That's a beautifully angled Killer Wail that splats the Rainmaker and me. I appreciated it during the battle, it was that good.

I grab the Rainmaker a few times. My first Rainmaker carry gets us a decent advantage. The second extends that slightly, thanks to holding back a little as support catches up with me. That's personal growth.

The Roller splat at around 2'35" looks a bit dodgy, like she was stuck in her own ink. A harbinger of problems to come, it turns out. Before then, I get a third Rainmaker carry, with more support. I make it to the podium with the Rainmaker, but not quite to the top. That's a lead we won't lose easily, though.

My last action is to splat the Rainmaker with quite a mature charger shot. Sure, I get blindsided by a Roller, but in the past it would have been the Rainmaker. And then, well, sore loser, or dodgy connection? Never mind, I'm calling it a victory.

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