Messy messy Rainmaker (11-7, Splatterscope)

22nd December 2016 – 7.00 pm

If a battle wanted an unstable connection half-way through, this would be it. Apart from inking the back of a squidmate's head at the start, I make a cracking contribution to this Rainmaker battle. I even remember from the previous battle about that extra block that I can use to get on the fence.

But I splat the opposite charger, dodge Killer Wails, splat the Rainmaker, keep a good deal of pressure from building on our turf, and generally stay quite collected for a lot of this battle. I don't even mind that I absent-mindedly stand up after ducking under a Killer Wail. That was just silly.

We even take a good lead after an early push from the other team, and all is looking good. We keep the pressure on, and the green team find it difficult to get any closer to our podium. And I have to admit that the delayed double-splat on a green inkling and the Rainmaker with a Splat bomb was a delightful bit of luck.

But there's something about a battle entering extra time that causes me to panic a little. Rather than think tactically, I rush along the shortest path to protect the goal, forgetting that doing so is not only the most obvious option but is also going to be in the path of a barrage of green ink.

Sadly, the inevitable happens, and our lead is lost to a good, coordinated effort by the green team. Still, that doesn't negate the good battle I had up to that point.

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