Surprise knockout in Rainmaker (3-5, Splatterscope)

22nd December 2016 – 7.00 am

So much that I do wrong or that goes wrong in this battle. Right from the start, I splat the back of a squidmate's head, not hitting the Rainmaker's shield, and then when I hit the shield I had a purple inkling right in my sights.

I would say that things have got to get better, but they really don't. Getting sideswiped by an Inkzooka is almost inevitable, but completely forgetting about the extra inkable block in Rainmaker and going around the side to get on top of the fence is embarrassing.

We get the Rainmaker back, at least, but the squidmate who picks it up retreats towards our podium. Maybe he's thinking of dropping it in the water, but all he manages to do is give the purple team a much shorter distance. Thankfully, I get a couple of decent splats to hold them off, and we recover as a team.

I finally realise that inkable block is there, but only because a purple inkling uses it to ambush me successfully. I'm not sure this battle can be anything but a disaster by this point.

But there it is. The Rainmaker, in its shield, with no pressure from the purple team. I bust it open, and grab it as a squidmate a charged Splat-on Roller spies me. He pops the Kraken and forges a path ahead. I remember my ink-resistant shoes and ignore the charger aiming for me, squidding up the gate behind my Kraken pal.

There's the podium. The Kraken is back to being an inkling, and he continues laying down the ink for me. Not only that, but he squids up the podium and takes a splat that was meant for me, ensuring that I dunk the Rainmaker. Woomy! That Roller was the inkling of the match!

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