Straight down the middle in Rainmaker (1-3, Splatterscope)

24th December 2016 – 7.00 am

Not my best start to a Rainmaker battle on Camp Triggerfish. I wonder if my Splatterscope squidmate will want the fence-top perch, and am willing to take the low road if he does. Our Slosher wants a bit of high-up action too, and as I can't even squid up the block it seems my choice is made.

See the Rainmaker, pick it up. That side route is normally more attractive, being out of the way of most attention, but sometimes going the unexpected route is more rewarding, particularly when an inkling is lying in wait for you.

The route with a Roller inking the path is also rather attractive. That a charger is obviously lining up a shot for the first inkling over the gate is neither here nor there. I can't wait, and maybe he'll miss. He doesn't. But we regroup, our good charger splats the Rainmaker in return, and we have another go.

Headbutting the Rainmaker's shield doesn't burst it. Good tip, thanks Egon. I use ink instead. Grabbing the Rainmaker, I find that a big enough charge splats Krakens (probably). My support is also right with me, which is really important when that charger is obviously waiting around the corner again.

Thanks, Mr Slosher! He took the splat for me, and splatted the Kelp Splat Charger, leaving the path to the podium clear. A little bit more ink, and another Rainmaker dunking is ours! Woomy!

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