Losing the Splat Zones, and gaining them again (10-5, Splatterscope)

26th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

It's good to see the ink coming over the brow of the ramp in Arowana Mall. It makes the first splat more rewarding. I've been on the other end of those a few times, and it can make a squid a bit salty. It's good to know how it happens.

That Dual Squelcher is a pain, on the opposite perch. She can cover the turf as quickly as I can ink it, much like a previous battle on Museum d'Alfonsino. I think about squidding up to push her off, but a squidmate takes care of that with a Killer Wail.

I see the Inkstrike coming and jump off my perch, only to have it aimed at the Splat Zones and not me. Well, so be it. I'm off the perch, I may as well do something, so I press the Dual Squelcher back. And it seems it was a good choice to leave my perch, as I was being sought.

At least I uncover the hiding inkling. It's a bit unsporting to hide for so long, but I know of that flower box. The more disappointing aspect is that I don't actually splat the Roller. That, and my Splat Bomb rolls past my eventually splatter.

And whilst all this is happening, we lose the lead. I suppose it's only to be expected given that we are pressed back so far, and blue ink is everywhere. If we have to ink our way just to get to the Splat Zones, we're not going to be controlling the Splat Zones.

The question now is whether we can take them back or not. We had a strong start, so hopefully we can, but we have to regain our focus. And there's not that much margin for error, not with the opposition's counter on 1.

With some good focus from the whole team, and some nice Splat Bomb rolling from me, the Splat Zones stay yellow. With two seconds to spare, we take the lead to get a knockout victory! Woomy!

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