Got my aim in at last in Rainmaker (10-8, Splatterscope)

27th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

It's been ages since I've played Hammerhead Bridge, and so my knowledge of this intricate map is a bit rusty. Like the Bridge itself. I revert to my normal plan of action, and grab the Rainmaker whether it's safe or not, and try to make some progress.

I make a bit of progress, thanks to a timely splat from a squidmate, but only as far as the next inkling. I am then reminded of why I don't super-jump that often. Still, whether super-jumping or not, lots of ink coming my way doesn't help with my survival.

I show my excellent aiming skills once more, snatching a shot to the left, before calming down and making my shots. That's reassuring. But the moment of the battle, for me, comes soon after, at 2'25".

The Rainmaker is above me, I have a Splat Bomb, and when I drop it a purple Inkstrike lands at the same time. The Splat Bomb hits the Inkstrike and detonates immediately, splatting the Rainmaker and a bodyguard. Very nice, thank you.

I grab the Rainmaker again, make one point of progress, but importantly keep it out of the purple team's suction cups. A bit more lack of aiming has my picking up the Rainmaker again, squidding up a platform, and realising that I didn't actually grab the Rainmaker. I still get a splat out of it.

Some more messing about makes it look like we've got the victory, but it's the purple team that pick up the Rainmaker, forcing extra time. No problem, she's got to get past me. And she does. So I take a breath, aim, and get splatted from behind by the Heavy Splatling again.

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