Riding along the bridge in Tower Control (7-3, Splatterscope)

28th December 2016 – 7.00 pm

Hammerhead Bridge looks like it should be a good map for chargers, with its long and thin design. But there are so many elevation changes with blocks and grates either giving inklings flanking routes or blocking sight lines that I'm not quite sure a charger is the best weapon. That doesn't stop me using one.

I kind of do my own thing at the start of this battle, thinking that my unusual position will take the opposition inklings by surprise. I suppose it does, but it would be more of a surprise if I could aim. I will get there one day, I'm sure.

Thank goodness for Splat Bombs, from where most of my splats come. I still get squished by a Dynamo Roller, though. How embarrassing. At least I don't lose complete sight of the Tower, and even move up when we are in a better position.

I even get a couple of good splats to help recover the Tower, and when we next push it forwards I happily get the Splat Bomb Rush at a good time. I hop on the Tower with everyone else and chuck ink everywhere, right to the Tower's terminus. Woomy!

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