Running amok on Moray Towers Tower Control (9-0, Tri-slosher)

31st December 2016 – 7.00 pm

I've been waiting for Moray Towers to pop up. I played an extra couple of battles on Piranha Pit because of that, not that I minded. I got a tonne of splats in those battles too, and had a lot of fun. But let's see if I can manoeuvre my way around the Towers as effectively.

Seeing the Heavy Splatling, I squid as quickly as possible to the other side of the Towers and sneak around the side to catch her out. But before I do, another inkling catches my eye. He doesn't catch my bucket, sadly. That is, until he pauses having not noticed me. Sorry.

I'd better not get carried away, though, as the Tower is already trundling along our side of the map. But with a bit of luck, both in avoiding the Slosher and not falling off the Tower, we get on to a positive position.

Back to being where I shouldn't, and this time I have team support! The E-litre inks me a path up the wall (thanks, E-litre!), and a squidmate is up here with me to frustrate the yellow inklings. Sorry again.

Before I know it, the Tower has reached its goal, just a moment before I can hit the 'Nice!' button. I even keep a clean sheet. The only unfortunate point is that it looks like the Splatling disappeared in a puff of smoke around the four-minute mark.

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