So many chargers in Tower Control (6-4, Splatterscope)

3rd January 2017 – 7.00 pm

An E-litre 3K on our team, along with my Splatterscope. With her longer range, I'll let her take the normal perch overlooking the Tower, if she wants it. Then again, with three chargers on the other team, maybe this will be one of those chaotic battles where you can't rely on normal strategies.

we both have similar ideas of engaging the other chargers directly. Naturally, my aim lets me down most of the time, but it doesn't stop me trying to contribute. Besides, I still have Splat Bombs, and my first Rush bags me a double-splat from some keen inklings.

What follows is a fun and frantic festival of mobile and manoeuvrable chargers. I have to say, I enjoy the rather less conventional battles like this, having to improvise most of the time instead of sticking to the same plan.

Then again, my plan with the Splatterscope is normally to miss most of my shots and use the Splat Bomb Rush to improve my numbers at the end. The second Rush gets me three splats, after all. But my aim isn't totally useless. I don't look to be off my much most of the time, which is encouraging, and I get at least one good splat.

My squidmates do a good job of riding the Tower too, getting a good advantage that isn't beaten. I kinda grab a bit of the glory by jumping on at the end.

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