Battling for the podium in Rainmaker (6-5, Splatterscope)

7th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I try not to be too impetuous at the beginning of this Rainmaker battle, wanting instead to provide the support a charger should. Of course, this support includes inking paths for the Rainmaker, so my plan to hang back is amended when we take an early lead.

Well, 'lead', really. We grab the Rainmaker first, and lose it soon after, leaving me near the purple inklings and with a charger in my tentacles. I make the best of it, by my splatting is inevitable.

A mostly pointless charged duel culminates in absolutely nothing, and then I lose track of the Rainmaker and the purple team gets themselves a proper, healthy lead. That looks tough to beat, particularly with purple ink just about everywhere.

Never say never! We make a spirited first push, helped by the purple team being out of action, and my Splat Bomb Rush charges at a good time to help retake the Rainmaker quickly. That Roller's Kraken also charges at a good time, but not for me.

Yes, I could super-jump back to where the action is, but I know from experience that it rarely works out well, less so with a long-range charger. Instead, I do what I often do, and take a flanking route. Going around the Depot the long way attracts a squidmate, and gets rid of some good pressure on the Rainmaker by splatting their charger. Pretty sweet.

My super-jumping squidmate continues the pressure, giving me an opportunity to try to beat the purple team's lead. Us greens have regrouped too, and my path is inked already. Nice! Sadly, a Killer wail is nicely placed, but it doesn't get all of us.

This time I super-jump to the action. I handily distract the Kelp Splat Charger from the Rainmaker, maybe a good result from the earlier, seemingly pointless duel, and we are free and clear. We beat the purple team's lead, and do so with a knockout victory. Woomy!

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