Ignoring the Splat Zones at my peril (10-4, Tri-slosher)

7th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

Otherwise known as 'pushing my luck'. My plan with the Tri-slosher is the opposite to my plan with the Splatterscope. I go down the other side, across the centre, and around the back. What do you know, it works!

Because my initial plan works, I try it again. And it works again! This just makes me cocky, particularly as the Splat Zones are taking care of themselves. I also appear to be the master of the poorly timed 'Nice!'. Something else to practice.

We lose the Splat Zones, but I just happen to be there and so lend my ink to the recovery plan, which goes well. So I press forwards again, a bit too far forwards this time. Still, I think I am distracting the blue inklings, until they recapture the Splat Zones and all of our team is splatted. Oops.

You can tell I am starting to get a little bit too cocky when I not only ignore filling in the Splat Zone, but take that extra step before inking the charger again. That costs me a splat, and gets me splatted. Silly me.

The Splat Zones are counting down for the blue side again, so it's back to business. No time to waste, and no ink to waste. It goes on the charger and on the Splat Zones. And I think that will do!

Well, maybe one more splat on the charger, this time in mid-air, and a little victory dance for good measure.

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