Battling hard to come from behind in Tower Control (14-8, Tri-slosher)

8th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Do you see the E-litre 3K on their team? Me too. That's my target, because she'll be critical in a Tower Control battle on Arowana Mall. My first aim is to get across the map as quickly as possible and try to splat her early, give us a chance to move the Tower a little.

Job's a good 'un, with even a subsidiary splat along the way, and destroying a Beakon. That I get splatted too is unfortunate, but unsurprising given where I am. And, as I'd hoped, we push the Tower forward nicely. All is looking good!

But we can't hold out for long, not against the E-litre 3K, Dynamo Roller, and annoyingly effective Rapid Blaster. Not only do we lose our lead, but we lose it by a massive margin, and just can't get any kind of foothold back again. The teal team hold too much turf and have too much range.

My frustration builds a bit when I have trouble making any progress, even against the Disrupted Dynamo. But the tides turn a little when we manage to wipe the other team, and reset the Tower to the centre. And give a bit more freedom to move, I start to cause disruption again.

Of course, we still have a long way to go to take the lead back, and time runs out as we keep getting splatted. It doesn't help having a squidmate block my squidding out of the way of a Suction Bomb either. It's all looking a bit out of our reach as we head in to extra time.

But we are in extra time, with control of the Tower, thanks to my bravely super-jumping squidmates. I catch up to lend some support, adding a splat here, and a Bubble that turns out not to be required right at the end. What a comeback!

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