Not much of a blast in Tower Control (5-10, Custom Blaster)

9th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I didn't really give the Roller a long outing when I tried it. Afterwards, my sessions were short and I reverted to what I know. Still, I've set aside some time and plan to give the Roller more of a shot.

Then I see it's Tower Control, and am reminded how good Blasters can be. As I only really dabbled with Blasters too, and there's only half-an-hour before the modes change, so let's start with a Blaster.

The Custom Blaster is an easy transition weapon for me, with its Bubbler. I can't remember if I need two hits or not with it, though, and I get a few what seem like direct hits without splats, so I dunno. I definitely need to aim better, but that can be said for almost all weapons.

I'm not too chuffed with my squidmate shuffling around and nudging me off the Tower at around 1'57" either, given that I slip down in to a Splat Bomb. But so it goes. And even when I super-jump safely, I am thrown in to danger from all sides. There must be a trick to it.

Still, I get back in to the swing of the Blaster fairly quickly, remembering to aim above the turf for the ink blob to blast effectively. And I help push the Tower forwards, even using my Bubbler to keep us a little safer at the right time.

But trying to recover the Tower at the end! Why my hits no splat? Why the charger squid away? Never mind, we get the victory, and I am back to using a different weapon, which is good.

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