More Blaster practice in Tower Control (13-8, Custom Blaster)

10th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm riding out the Custom Blaster until Tower Control ends. It won't be long. But I will probably try the Blaster again, maybe even the Luna Blaster at last, given my performance tonight.

I start by trying to come right around the back of the other team. I would say it works quite well. And I am reminded of the difference between an indirect hit and a direct hit, the sounds being noticeably different too.

Indirect hits can still be effective, though. Catching up with the Tower from behind nets me a double splat, but I can't help but think it would have been better sooner.

And then it's back to the bad habits. Running head-first in to oncoming ink was just silly. I had the right idea blasting around the corner, but should have waited for the Tower, as I just gave away my position. But I feel a bit unlucky getting splatted as I back away from the ink.

I recover from these mistakes rather well, I would say. A triple splat to wrest control of the Tower back, a double splat to take some pressure off the Tower. That's some nice manoeuvring and aiming.

We still lack the lead, but we end the battle pushing forwards, and I'm feeling good about the Blaster. My Bubbler even charges as we get deeper in to opposition territory. But I'm too far from the tower, and the other team too close. Never mind, it was a good battle.

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