Still trying the Roller in Splat Zones (10-12, Splat Roller)

10th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

Tower Control is over, time to make good with my promise to play more with the Splat Roller. So I do, and it does not go so well. Rollers aren't as easy to play as good players make out. You can't just flick some ink and splat everyone in front of you, no matter how it looks from the other side.

No, you need to aim, which is more about elevation than direction, and distance counts too. There must be something else going on too, because I'm sure I throw ink over an inkling for a solid hit, but she survives. Survives, Bubbles, and splats me, even.

And as you're not projecting ink but trailing it your movement options are quite different. I'm much more used to moving forward more quickly. Still, the movement I can get the hang of, I think, and at least my flicks splat the next few inklings, which is encouraging.

I try the old jump-flick when I can too. The timing needs to be right, but I think I've got it for the Splat Roller. Or I can just stand and flick, which seems just as effective when dealing with a laggy counterpart. Maybe my first hit didn't splat her because of lag, more obviously seen when I roll over her a bit later.

Oh yeah, and I have stealth super-jump equipped, thinking that it would be useful for a Roller in Splat Zones on Port Mackerel. I use it once, to super-jump to a ledge. I should change my shoes. I also need to remember which button fires the Killer Wail. I get confused and try to throw a Splat Bomb.

Oh well, a pretty bad loss for us. But my Rolling is improving. Really, it is. The other games were pretty rubbish. Now my rank is falling, and I want to swap weapons so that I don't dive too badly.

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