Inking the Splat Zones (7-1, Kelp Splatterscope)

12th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

It's Splat Zones again, but only for half-an-hour, so why not stick with the Kelp Splatterscope? Why not indeed. The first two battles are quick and decisive, if not outstanding. It seems like A- can be a bit fickle, and it may not entirely be up to my own contributions that will get me back to a higher rank.

If I could aim better, then maybe I would have a smoother and more reliable path back to the higher ranks. I keep saying I should practice, but I don't know how to practice beyond playing more games with a charger. This is what I'm doing. I suppose it is paying off a little.

But even my aim with a Sprinkler isn't consistent. Still, I have the excuse that I'm new to throwing one, and at least I remember it. I try to pay attention to being sneaked up on in this battle too. But I still am drawn to aiming for splats when the Splat Zones could use inking.

The objective becomes more important when you want your rank back. Mind you, covering over the route that flanks me is pretty important too. The safer I am, the longer I stay unsplatted, which lets me cover the Splat Zones with more ink.

Once again, my timing of the 'Nice!' is off a little. It would be much better if we had a second after the battle ends to celebrate. There's a short wait whilst we recapture the Zones, and then we get to celebrate the knockout. Hopefully I'll be back in A Rank soon, and upwards from there too.

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