Trying to get it together in the Splat Zones (9-4, Kelp Splatterscope)

12th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Another ten battles or so, and Arnaud is still there. He'll outlast me, because I'm just after one more decent battle before I call it a night. I think this is the one. A good early splat, and simultaneous Killer Wails, and Arnaud following up to splat me. Excellent.

Falling backwards in to the Kraken is a pro move. Don't try that at home. From that point, I go in to damage control mode. There is blue ink all over the Splat Zones, and more keeps on coming. And although I can't save my squidmate from the Splat Bomb, I can get revenge. I see you, blue inkling.

A splat, a Killer Wail, and a lot of yellow ink gets us back in control. It's such a good plan I keep trying it. It would be more effective if I didn't have to dodge Killer Wails, Seekers, and Splat Bombs. At least my attempts at hiding are successful.

I can't hit the Inkzooka from where we're both positioned, but he is unlikely to put it down and my Killer Wail is charged. Just as good! It doesn't work the second time, but the Splat Bomb thrower is despatced again.

Another Killer Wail dodged, but my reply isn't. Very nice! Sadly, we lost the lead a while back and the blue ink just keeps piling up. But, rather poetically, I finish the evening being out-charged and splatted by Arnaud. I hope our paths cross again.

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