Blasted blaster in Tower Control (12-7, Tri-slosher)

15th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I like to think I can squid down the centre of Arowana Mall pretty quickly, but those bumps seem to get in the way and slow me down. For that reason, the side routes seem more attractive, although with more visibility and vulnerability when reaching the centre. Particularly from chargers and, in this case, Range Blasters.

Naturally, that makes me want to get the Blaster off the perch, and my next foray is down the other side, and around the flank, hoping to pop up behind the Blaster. The first bit works, and there's an inkling up there waiting to be surprised, but the Blaster is behind me. How cliche.

After an unfortunate Inkstrike, I think it best to ink some turf back to our colour, and then try to push the Tower. There's orange everywhere, though. It takes a bit of defending to get the Tower back, and when we do I encounter the Blaster again. It seems she's camping the centre zone and using the Blaster's range to prevent any progress. That's a little irritating.

I try to flank the Range Blaster, but aware that my inky progress will be watched, and so don't keep rushing in to obvious doom. There still remains the problem of her presence in the centre, one felt again as I ride the Tower. But luck is on my side! Luck, and ink-resistant boots.

I manage to get off the Tower and up the ledge, but at the same time as the Blaster pops her Kraken and jumps on to the Tower. Never mind, I can catch a super-jumping inkling, and, apparently, the Kraken as she returns to her perch. How I wasn't splatted is beyond me.

Covering up the orange ink is a good idea. Even Ranked matches are Turf Wars, with inked turf being vital for movement. As it happens, my circle to give us more turf brings me back to splat the blasted Blaster as she attempts to get back to her perch. And two other inklings. Nice!

I get more revenge on the Blaster, sneaking up behind her at last, and we push the Tower a decent distance. It's not enough, and although we get another chance in extra time, orange ink covers the Tower and clears us away.

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