Splatting and splats in Tower Control (9-8, Blaster)

15th January 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm still keen to rise above A-, which means concentrating a bit. I don't think it means 'equip a Blaster', but I did quite well with one the other day, and am happy to get better with the weapon. I opt this time for the basic Blaster, as the Killer Wail can be quite handy, and the Disruptor is powerful when used properly.

My first splat comes from flanking, as it often does, but is a convoluted affair that displays my lack of practice with a Blaster. I get better, though, mostly because of the big target the Tower provides. But I also get myself in some good positions, and show some pretty good awareness. Not all the time, but enough to make me feel good about the battle.

Super-jumping remains dangerous, which is why I tend to squid most places. And I have no idea why Gameplayer waited for me at the spawn point. She missed, thanks to my superior dodging skills, and for some reason that moment just makes me laugh every time. Thanks, squid!

I super-jump to Gameplayer a little later, who has set herself up in an excellent position, and seems to be waiting for me to retake the Tower. Good idea! It doesn't last long, but having control of the Tower seems like a good idea.

We do a good job of keeping the battle under control, and even though we are taken in to extra time, and my splattings count increases, we don't panic. We just need to clear the Tower, and get feet on it. No problem!

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