Chaotic and splatty Tower Control (19-5, Tri-slosher)

16th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

Can I get around the back of the purple team without being spotted? And if I can, what disruption can I cause? Well, I can, but that's because they're moving the Tower. Not a bad sacrifice if we can splat them all and have more time for ourselves on the Tower.

I do my bit in clearing up, getting a couple of splats, and indeed the other team are wiped out, leaving us with the Tower. I even have my Bubbler intact, which helps nicely with our initial push.

I sensibly back off from some Blaster shots, and return thanks to a nicely timed Killer Wail. Leaping off the top, I apply some good pressure to the purple inklings, and go to meet the Tower at its terminus. But we don't quite make it.

As usual, super-jumping is dangerous, but in a way that causes massive explosions of ink. And, also as usual, flanking to get behind the Tower has my turning up in an unanticipated position. I don't survive each encounter, but, by golly, I bag me some splats before I succumb to the ink.

I take a different side-route, which lets me bypass most of the attention, before reuniting with the Tower. Another squidding around the side gets me in to a good position to slosh ink in the right place, and charges my Bubbler. It may not be needed when I pop it but I get to share it with those riding the Tower.

The Tri-slosher comes in to its own as we push ever forwards, sloshing ink over a wall for an indirect splat, putting us a Disruptor's throw from the goal. All looks clear, but just in case, our Blaster buddy jumps on and pops his Bubbler, keeping us safe, as I get one final, celebratory splat.

Well done, team! A brilliant battle! Woomy!

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