Show no mercy in the Splat Zones (12-1, Tri-slosher)

18th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I see you, E-litre 3K. Well, I see you at the introductions. But where will you be in a moment? I'll go around the back to find out. I flank down the side, a quite effective route, and manage to go unnoticed. But where is the E-litre?

Okay, I see you. I check that no yellow squids will come my way, then squid higher up the map and around, clearly surprising the charger. Hopefully that will take the immediate pressure off the Splat Zones, and the lead the yellow team have will soon be passed.

I could, of course, drop down and ink the Splat Zones. But I went to the trouble of getting up on this side of the map, I may as well look around a bit more, try my luck a bit. The E-litre 3K will be coming back, of course, and I'd rather that didn't happen.

One more splat of the E-litre and I head towards the Splat Zones. Only for as long as the E-litre's splat cam watches me, and it's back to apply more pressure. But an inkling super-jumps away. That's sensible. I'd better actually go back.

My squidmates are on the ball. The Splat Zones are nice and blue, and they are getting their own fair share of the splats. I ink over some yellow turf, to charge my Bubbler and prevent easy movement for the yellow team, and head back to see what trouble I can get myself in to.

I'm not sure where the inkling thought I was going when he stepped off to launch the Inkstrike. Down, I suppose, not across. And it gives me another shot at the E-litre, which I miss, distracted by the Carbon Roller, who I miss. But I get to ink the Splat Zones a bit.

Back up the top, and assess the situation. Sorry, Splattershot, I wasn't trying to camp there. Besides, I move on straight away, and not just because the Splat Zones need attention. More inking, more splatting, some Disrupting. And now I'm becoming aware that I haven't been splatted yet.

Ah, there we go. I'm splatted. But it gives me the chance to look at our score, and send out a well-timed 'Nice!' for a change. Woomy!

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