Buckets vs buckets in Splat Zones (7-1, Tri-slosher)

19th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

The Tri-slosher has been working well for me in tonight's Splat Zones. I wondered if I would prefer the Splatterscope for Walleye Warehouse, but decided I could do well with the bucket there, and might prefer it on Flounder Heights. Of course, the Tri-slosher has worked wonderfully on Walleye Warehouse. Now I get to see what I can do with it on the Heights, and with two buckets on the opposite team, no less.

I aim to avoid the Splat Zones again, and try to slide my way over the ledge to come up the opposite wall more quickly, without needing to ink around the side. That almost works, and would have done had I not run in to an inkling. Never mind!

This time I go the longer way around and try my Disruptor. I exercise a bit of caution on approach, but see no ink or inkling where I expect when I round the corner. Ah, but there he is. I can't stop the launch of the Inkstrike, but I can get the aftersplat.

Keeping control of the turf is important, and I set about to help my squidmates with that, and to frustrate an opposite bucket with a well-aimed Disruptor. Another splat has me falling off a wall, which is pretty typical for me, but that just lets me work my way back up in time to splat both opposite buckets at once. Nice!

A good vantage point lets me admire my own shadow and rain ink down from on high, and solid control of the Splat Zones and surrounding turf lets me indulge in a victory dance. Woomy!

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