Back in A+ and doing okay in Tower Control (2-1, Splatterscope)

20th January 2017 – 7.00 am

After nearly dropping out of A-, I have a couple of good sessions and rise back in to A, and now A+. That makes me feel a bit better about my gameplay.

I am only doing okay in A+, though, and can't say I'm doing well. I get the feeling that my squidmates are carrying me a little. Still, I do what I can, and my dip in ability is probably more owing to my switch back to the Splatterscope and needing to aim and stay out of trouble.

One of my splats comes from a Splat Bomb, naturally, and the other is a second attempt at a stationary target. Yeah, I really need more practice, and a calmer temperament when playing a charger.

A nice and easy welcome back to A+, and although I stay on a mostly winning streak, no battles are particularly outstanding at the moment.

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