Skirting around Tower Control (5-4, Tri-slosher)

20th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

Back with the Tri-slosher for a bit, and although there is no charger on the other team I am still keen to get to the middle of Arowana Mall and see if I can sneak around the back.

Well, I was keen, but I have a change of heart and think a Disruptor over the top would serve the team better. Maybe, if the yellow inklings weren't congregating on the grate, the Dual Squelcher easily able to splay me from the vantage point.

Undeterred, I head back up the middle to sneak down the side, completely ambivalent to the yellow team pushing the tower past the half-way point to the goal. I'm sure my squidmates have it under control. I get a couple of splats, at least, and my squidmates do have the Tower under control. They even take the lead!

I am wary of Beakons, but this one isn't a trap. I ink over the yellow, cross the centre, and go back down the side, turning it purple again. The Bubbler seems like a good idea, but it does give away my position. So does the Echolocator the next time I head back. I'm surprised I'm not splatted sooner.

But the Tower trundles on, all the way to the goal, which I hope is a good indication that my efforts at being a disruption, or at least a distraction, have helped a little. Woomy!

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