Getting some splats at least in Splat Zones (8-7, Kelp Splatterscope)

22nd January 2017 – 7.00 pm

That other charger is splatting my cloaca, and barely giving me time to aim a shot. The battles so far have my getting maybe one splat, and being splatted a whole lot more. It's kinda depressing.

At least in this battle I get a few more splats, which I can be pleased with, even if I also get splatted just as much. Getting splatted by the charger is frustrating, but perhaps less so than missing the Splatling I manage to outflank.

Actually, being splatted from nowhere by the other charger is probably more frustrating. I just don't have that level of skill. Particularly when she is scoping and still picks me off squidding through ink. Bleh.

Still, I splat her by out-manoeuvring her at one point, which makes me feel good. A small victory.

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