Not a bad first Splat Zones in S Rank (3-1, Kelp Splatterscope)

22nd January 2017 – 7.00 am

I'm tempting fate by switching the Splatterscope for my S Rank battles. I'm tempting fate to kick me straight back down to A+, with my blessing. Instead, it inspires me to take a route new to me on Hammerhead Bridge, and get an early splat.

I probably shouldn't have pushed so far forwards, and my getting splatted was almost inevitable at that range. I make a note of that and try to stay better situated. It at least lets me notice an inkling coming my way.

My squidmates have the Splat Zones controlled, and I am behind them not under much threat. That works to get us a decent victory, and half-decent first battle for me in S Rank.

After that, it all goes a bit tits-up. A much better Splatterscope than me gets in the lobby and barely gives me a chance to aim, reducing me to a puddle of ink for seven battles in a row. I'm still nowhere near good enough to be in S Rank.

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