A few more splats in S Rank Splat Zones (7-6, Kelp Splatterscope)

23rd January 2017 – 7.00 am

One last battle in S Rank where I get more than a couple of splats, and leave with my dignity. I am pretty aggressive to start with, pushing right across to the other side of the map.

I get distracted by what I thought was an inkling, but is just a light fitting, then do what I'm there for. Splat the charger from behind. That may be as good as it's going to get, so I relish the moment.

I keep an eye out for the charger to come up behind me and, sure enough, here she comes. We miss our first shots, and I dodge out of the way of the second, and then am splatted by the shot that missed me.

Being matched with players dedicated to stay up beyond 1 am when I am a casual, early-evening player is frustrating in itself. Also potentially suffering from lag as a result from that is demoralising. But there's not much I can do but try my best.

I get a couple of good splats, at least. One charger peaks a little bit too much from behind a corner, and my reactions work well when a squid jumps my way. I even pick off a squid I see ducking in to ink. That is a moment before I get hit by what looks like another laggy shot, though.

Apart from those few moments, I just have to accept that I'm out of my league.

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