Getting a few shots in during Tower Control (7-4, Splatterscope)

25th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I eschew the side route to get up on the wall, hoping that my Splatterscope could be put to better use right down the centre. Not really, not to start with, although maybe the Splat Bomb lobbed over the top helped a little.

We take control of the Tower and push it forwards, and I move up to provide support. I'm just a little late. And a little short, when trying to re-take control of the Tower.

I take the side route this time, and it doesn't really help. My squidmates have pushed the Tower up, and I am far behind. At least when the Tower trundles back this time, I actually manage to do something, with the purple charger looking in the wrong direction. I'm glad I didn't miss so easy a shot.

And talking of close shots, a reaction shot bags me a lucky double-splat, which is very handy, given what a mess I was about to get in to. That lets us push the Tower a bit more, although I seem to lose track of what's happening a bit easily.

A charger stand-off is interrupted by a Splash Wall and, ultimately, a pair of Krakens. Thankfully, the ink is my friend this time, and I can wait them out. I cover their trails and get, well, not really back to the action. The action comes back to me, though, and I am given another sitter with the charger on the Tower.

If only I could get all the easy shots. A bit of futile shooting somehow puts me in the right place to bag another pair of splats, but I tense up and miss. That's a bit poor. And although that is followed by not quite dodging the Kraken, at least I get my ink revenge.

It's good that my squidmates have kept the Tower moving. That puts less pressure on my poor aim. I even give the Tower a shove myself, but accidentally, as I desperately get out of the way of a Killer Wail. It's a temporary solution, as I just dive in to purple ink. Never mind, it's a victory for us!

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