Shenanigans in Tower Control (16-7, Tri-slosher)

26th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

Straight down the middle at the start of this Tower Control battle. Lob a Disruptor over the top, and head down the side. Or get a Blaster to the back of the head.

My next push goes much better. I absorb a blaster shot, and go on a mini-rampage in to the green turf. I surprise one inkling, not expecting me to come from that direction, but the other is too far away to be affected by my bucket. The Tower slows him down, though, and I splat him, avoid a mine, and ride the Tower for a bit myself.

Once more, I'm stopped by running in to Blaster ink. I'll learn one day. But we have a good lead. Maybe enough. I squid around the side to flank the Tower, but run in to lots of green ink. I try not to make that mistake again, and approach when the situation looks better. It's not better for long.

I somehow survive being covered in green ink. It seems like a good idea at this point to ink over the green team's flanking route, which also helps me surprise the Blaster, and help regain control of the Tower, just in time.

More Blaster trouble ensues, as we trade splats here and there. It's okay, though, as my squidmates push the Tower, keeping it out of green tentacles for a bit longer. And my favourite moment occurs after I spy two green inklings trying to flank us. I wait and watch, and spring out to splat them both by surprise! I'm sure they like it just as much as me.

The Blaster gets the last laugh, though. I try to squid away from her shots, but in the wrong direction and without much luck. I'm splatted far from home. But my squidmates take control of the Tower for the victory. Woomy!

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