They're getting wise to me in Tower Control (17-6, Blaster)

26th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Lots of chargers, two on each team. Good for Tower Control on Walleye Warehouse, and hopefully good for my prospects for flanking and getting behind them. I can do it with a bucket, but can I do it with a Blaster?

Apparently I can. I'm a bit slowed with the Blaster, but I get around the back pretty easily. I suppose everyone's focussing on the Tower, which is perhaps what I should be doing too. But I get some splats, which helps relieve the pressure from the Tower. I still need to watch my range, though, as it's not as long as I keep thinking.

I think I tip my hand a little when I squid up the inkable block to get to the green team's side corridor so soon after splatting an inkling. They'll know I'm going that way. Maybe they will, but it seems the two chargers won't. Two more splats for me.

Thankfully, my antics aren't causing a problem for my team either, as we have pushed the Tower in to a good lead. Maybe I'm even helping! But there are only so many times I can sneak down the side before the other team's inklings get wise to me.

I get splatted by a waiting inkling, albeit after splatting one of them. I am spotted by a charger, and even though it's only one, one is enough. On top of that, my route is giving the other team ideas! I stop the inkling trying my tactic, at least.

A bit more tit-for-tat has my movement happen across some staggered super-jumping inklings, just right for a couple of splats! I don't get the third, but as it looks like the Tower is getting away from us I don't pursue her too hard. But we get the Tower back, so I return to help chase her away.

Maybe my flanking routes are stale by the end of the battle, but just getting half-way helps. We head in to extra time, and I get three splats in a row to help wrench control of the Tower away from the green team. It's been a brilliant battle with the Blaster!

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