Charger vs charger in Tower Control (6-4, Splatterscope)

27th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Yikes, an E-litre 3K Scope on the other team. I'm far from surprised, with both Arowana Mall and Moray Towers available for Tower Control. I just doubt my own ability with a charger most of the time, and when I am out-ranged significantly too I get a bit worried about how my performance will be.

I start off as usual, but mindful of the E-litre 3K being somewhere. On the opposite perch to mine, in fact, and able to reach me. I should move. And how's about that? I take the initiative and somehow manage to splat the E-litre 3K with the threat of an Inkstrike at my back. Splatting the blaster next to me is a piece of cake in comparison.

If the battle could stop here, that would be great. Or, even better, just after I splat the E-litre 3K again. In fact, I should edit the video so that's all there is to it. Still, I nearly get two more splats on the E-litre 3K. One I miss because I'm beaten to it, which is fair enough. The other is because my aim is slightly off. I thought I'd got close enough.

I play rather rather sensibly for a bit after that. We have an excellent lead, and I do kinda know the theory behind being a support character. I am also warned of getting too close when ink from the E-litre 3K whizzes past my ear.

I exercise some caution, which seems like a good idea. The Tower's not going anywhere, and no blue inklings are around. I'm probably better served just waiting and watching. And there we go, I see my opportunity, and I squid off to engage the E-litre 3K again. I miss the first shot, and the second, but I succeed with the third. Getting splatted just reminds me that I ought to take a bit more care with the first shot.

The clock runs out, and we just need feet on the Tower for the victory. As a poetic climax, it's me versus the E-litre 3K fighting over the Tower.

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