Getting involved in Tower Control (8-5, Splatterscope)

27th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I've learnt that I can travel down Moray Towers at the start of the battle more quickly with just a short charge of the Splatterscope. That's great! This is also the second battle in a row where I drop off the edge as I get to my perch. At least I get the splat.

I fear the Roller coming up to splat me, so I move away from the perch. I perhaps should have gone up, although I manage to stay out of trouble quite well, considering. It's only a bit of bad timing that has me headbutting a Kraken.

I try to be more like a charger, and provide support from the back for a bit, laying down ink, making it easier for us to move and harder for them. This goes well until the Tower starts to go beyond my range. But that's why I have my Splat Bomb Rush, surely.

My Splat Bomb action is on form at the moment. I roll them off ledges on to the Tower, along ledges to approaching inklings, and on to super-jumping inklings. It's quite impressive. But, then, so is my aim, to an extent. I don't get all my shots, but the ones I get I am pleased with.

We don't win, not even close, but it's a decent battle with the Splatterscope for me.

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