Doing my own thing in Tower Control (8-4, Tri-slosher)

28th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

Flounder Heights and Piranha Pit Tower Control! Both fabulous maps for the Tri-slosher, which is where I start this evening. I have a plan, and that's to go up and over the top and around the back, to try to flank the green team.

Naturally, the plan is hindered when I encounter the green inklings, and I start to improvise. Either I'm wasting my time, or I am distracting some inklings to take the pressure off the Tower. I honestly don't know. But the Tower gets over half-way to the goal.

I notice the Tower eventually and join the push. It's looking good, but that last few metres gets harder and harder, and squidding in to green ink just slows me down enough to prevent stealing the team's thunder. Probably for the best.

With a decent lead, I feel more at ease just squidding around looking for trouble. I find it all over the place too, probably more than I should. But it's fun and frantic, and I get myself all over the map, getting a feel for the bucket.

We enter extra time, but there's no great pressure on us. Even so, I swap my attention to the Tower, and although the inklings have been splatted from it we still need to get feet on it.

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