Up and down in Flounder Heights Tower Control (8-2, Tri-slosher)

29th January 2017 – 7.00 am

Only a Squiffer on the other team as a charger, so I don't feel in any great rush to cross the map and pressure the obvious perch. I don't dawdle, but I try to lay down some ink and charge my Bubbler a bit, and then I hear the Squiffer nearby.

I find the Squiffer, but run out of ink as I slosh down on her, wasting valuable seconds. I have to give chase, but use my experience with the Heights to manoeuvre well, avoiding a Splat Bomb and getting the drop on the Squiffer. Nice!

It also helps that I don't just plough forwards too, although it looks like I forget that when hitting the fellow Bubbler. To be fair, I have Special Duration Up fitted and hoped I would outlast the other Bubbler, and didn't really have an escape route.

My next adventure is to go right around the back of the map to the green's base, and rather than retreat in the face of a Splat Bomb I dive-bomb ahead. Mind you, I have my Bubbler at the ready, which helps. I almost get distracted by the fleeing Squiffer, but I see an inkling on the perch. I take satisfaction in calmly splatting them. I get the Squiffer on the way out.

I try to follow ink trails, but end up at the inkling too late to help my squidmate. I try to support the Tower a bit but end up trying to around the back again. Even with a charged Bubbler I decide being echolocated is a bit iffy. We play around for a while before I go around the back again, and I get my splat without the Bubbler, but am ambushed before I can react.

The squirming on the base is me trying to plug in my charger, so that the Gamepad doesn't die. I manage it and get back in to the battle. The Tower is getting another good push and I join the fun, and as my Bubbler charges again I think I can help us get to the goal.

But no need! The Tower trundles to the goal without my squidmates needing a Bubbler to protect them. Good job, everyone!

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