Supporting the team in Tower Control (5-1, Splatterscope)

30th January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I don't quite make a Blaster work on Flounders Heights and Piranha Pit this evening, so swap out to the Splatterscope to end the evening. I am the typical Flounder Heights Splatterscope for this battle, loitering on the perch and taking care of the incoming Tower.

I shouldn't really feel guilty for what I'm doing. It's kinda what I'm supposed to be doing, and it's up to the other team to get me off the perch. It's what I aim to do when I see a charger on the other team, even when I'm playing a charger myself.

I have to divide my time between the Tower and watching my flank, at least keeping the turf inked. And somehow I even manage to keep the Tower from coming too far towards me, with some uncharacteristically good splats, and, of course, a lucky one or two.

I don't just ink the turf around me, but as far as my Splatterscope can reach up the Heights too, to prevent easy movement for the orange team and to provide easy movement for our team. I even manage to evade a couple of attempts to oust me.

I finally move when the Tower gets pushed forwards a good distance, getting up to the top of the Heights, but being cautious about now being more vulnerable. I manage to avoid too much attention, thanks to a Splat Bomb Rush, and get a decent splat of a mid-air inkling.

We lose the Tower, but with a good lead, and decide I should head back. And I remember (albeit a little tardily) that I can super-jump back to the base! That saves a bit of time and a bit of risk. I support from the back again for a brief time, and panic slightly when I hear an incoming Inkstrike.

The Inkstrike doesn't affect me, but it's okay, because the Tower is moving so I should move. Unfortunately, just as I think I am going to get a clean sheet in this battle, I get caught out as my squidmates ride the Tower to the goal. Still, a pretty good battle with the Splatterscope!

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