Charger and charger in Tower Control (7-3, Splatterscope)

31st January 2017 – 7.00 pm

I could sit on the charger perch for this battle, but I see the Kelp Splatterscope on the other team and think about trying to prevent her from putting pressure on our team. That also lets me ink the side of the building to help everyone's initial progress.

The other charger isn't on the normal perch, and I have to make do with destroying a Sprinkler. Still, I do it in one shot! Now what do I do? Ink turf and provide support, I suppose. And get splatted by the Splatterscope, as I try to squid away. Damn it.

Okay, let's take stock on the perch. That lets me get a decent splat almost immediately, which is good. But I am under pressure from the charger. That was my plan! I do what I can from the perch, and press forwards when my squidmates take control of the Tower.

Again, I try to keep the turf inked, and apply pressure on the green inklings to stay away from the Tower. I also coincidentally provide a super-jumping point for my squidmates, which makes me feel like I am being a good charger.

My Splat Bombs, and the Rush, helps ease some pressure from my position, and I even manage to reach across the divide to get a splat I didn't quite expect. Their charger seems to be more mobile than normal, though, and I never quite get a good bead on her.

In finally get good sight of the opposite charger, but it seems hardly fair when it's because she's riding the Tower. I still make the shot, though, and the one after that.

As the timer ticks down to zero, I think a dive-bomb on to the Tower, dropping a Splat Bomb, will secure us victory, but it seems my own body stops the exploding ink, and I just sacrifice myself for nothing. Thankfully, my squidmates are more together in extra time than me.

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