Tactical delay in Rainmaker (5-3, Tri-slosher)

1st February 2017 – 7.00 am

Whee! Trying to go as fast as possible across the map almost works, but the other team are just fast enough to meet me a little past the middle. At least the splat is mutual. My squidmates grab the Rainmaker too, which is good.

I head a different way from the Rainmaker when I respawn. Not so far to be out of the battle, and in a direction that should let me provide some support. I think I do, but again I'm splatted before too long.

Another push and I am undone half by a Splash Wall, and half by the Rainmaker's shield. Still, the Rainmaker is still nicely in the opponents' turf, and really close to the podium.

The Rainmaker is close enough to the podium for me to super-jump there. But instead of pressing forwards impetuously, which I do quite often, I hold back. A squidmate is super-jumping to me, and there's no pressure on the Rainmaker from the purple team. This seems like a good opportunity to wait for support.

My squidmate jumps in and we get to work on the shield. With one blast, the Rainmaker is free, the way ahead is clear, and my squidmate finishes the battle. Woomy!

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