Taking control of the Tower on Kelp Dome (3-0, Splatterscope)

1st February 2017 – 7.00 pm

Inking the way is one of the tasks of the charger, I believe, so I try to do that as much as possible. Another task is splatting chargers on the other team, and although I'm a tad late I manage to spot the Splatling and take some pressure off our team.

My shaky aim doesn't help reclaim the tower, but my squidmates do. And at least I avoid being ambushed by the Luna Blaster. That also lets me press forwards as the Tower is moving under our control, and get a more central perch.

We lose the Tower, but because of my position it comes straight towards me. Well, what else can I do but ride it? I jump on without hesitation and push the Tower forwards for the team. I have to hop off for a few seconds, as the Luna Blaster comes along, but I somehow survive, thanks to a Splat Bomb, and hop back on.

I somehow miss the Splatling in the distance, but I'm feeling good about this straight line and my Splatterscope. Okay, no more splats from me, but the ink I lay down must be hindering the other team, and even though I get another Splat Bomb Rush out of it, I don't need it.

We reach the goal too soon to throw many Splat Bombs. Woomy!

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