Comedy of errors in Kelp Dome Tower Control (14-5, Splatterscope)

2nd February 2017 – 7.00 am

I try to ink the way for my squidmates at the start of the battle, then look for the Splatling again. She's not on the normal perch, and I appear to have fallen and can't get up. Never mind! There's the Splatling, and I pull my shot slightly, letting her escape. I start laying down some ink, and get splatted from the side.

At least we're pushing the Tower forwards, and taking a different ramp gets me the vantage point I was hoping for. Those splats might have been a little lucky, as I'm not entirely sure I saw either inkling clearly. They all count, though.

My Bomb Rush charges, and I drop down to, well, the wrong side of the plants. I make the best of what I've got all the same, missing everyone in the process. I'm not convinced the Kraken gets splatted, and how I survive the sloshing and ink I don't know. I don't last forever, naturally.

My aiming is as splotchy as the map, but at least I force one inkling to use his Kraken because of my close-range inking. And I can hit a mostly stationary target fairly consistently, which is why Tower Control works well for me.

I lose sight of the Splatling as I engage my Splat Bomb Rush, and think she's dropped through the grating. Nope, but I can revert to my Splatterscope, take aim, and get Krakened from behind. And when it all looks quiet, spurred on from the previous battle, I hop on to the Tower to see what I can do.

Well, I get a little way with the Tower, panic, and fall off as I activate a new Splat Bomb Rush. Quite how I splat a couple of inklings that like I don't really know, but throwing a whole load of Splat Bombs does work quite well. Better than aiming low at an incoming super-jumping inkling, anyway.

My squidmates have control of the Tower as the clock ticks down, and we enter extra time. I get two good splats to take some pressure off the Tower, then head around to help control it. I have a good line-of-sight as we keep pushing, and, before we know it, we grab a comeback victory!

This was a really fun battle! I wasn't entirely in control of what was happening, I got hit from angles I didn't predict, but I flowed with it all and managed to have a great game. And reviewing the battle, only two splats were from Splat Bombs, meaning twelve of my splats were from the Splatterscope. That's an excellent result! Woomy!

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