Avoiding the Wails in Rainmaker (8-5, Splatterscope)

4th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

Port Mackerel and Camp Triggerfish Rainmaker are great for Killer Wails! I tried them with the Kelp Splatterscope but wasn't having much luck, so am back with the Splat Bombs of the normal Splatterscope. But just because I can't aim a Killer Wail doesn't mean others can't.

There are also Seekers to beware of in Rainmaker. I dodge one slightly before splatting its owner, and grabbing the Rainmaker. My dodging skills with the Rainmaker are a bit worse, though, and I don't get far.

The first Killer Wail comes in, but it's mostly harmless. Much like my aim, although it looked like I hit the Rainmaker. Turns out the Rainmaker hit me. And it's not long before the next Wail pushes me in to a corner. But I'm okay!

My Splat Bombs get me splats again, which are always welcomed, and we get to push the Rainmaker a bit. Something is hitting us with green ink, though, and I spy and destroy the Sprinkler responsible just as a new Killer Wail comes in.

How I avoid that Wail, I'm not quite sure, but I thank my ink-resistant shoes. Not that I last much afterwards, but with my team splatted I probably should have retreated, not inked further ahead. Back to the base I go.

Another Killer Wail restricts my options, and my vision, but not so much that I can't get a decent splat. I follow that up with a Splat Bomb Rush that meets the Rainmaker cornered by a well-positioned Inkstrike, and dodge a Seeker before splatting its launcher trying to use another to move quickly. Yes!

I try to control our turf, but press too high too soon. At least the Killer Wail doesn't get me, and the next is not quite enough to block movement from the base. That Seeker Rush looks nasty, and I stay away, which I think helps get the green team the lead. Damn.

Finally, a Killer Wail gets me. I can't quite stay in the wall well enough to avoid it. But it's just the one, as the next only catches a tentacle. But it clears a path, and by the time I realise my flanking route was the wrong choice, and try to splat from behind, the Rainmaker has been dunked.

Never mind! It was a fun and interesting battle, all the same. And going at the results, it looks like we lost an inkling. Reviewing the game, we did. That was what the suspiciously long pause at the start of the battle was. We were battling with three inklings the whole time, so I think we did pretty well!

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