Sharing the splats in Tower Control (9-4, Splatterscope)

5th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I think I like Hammerhead Bridge, but as much as there are multiple routes and levels all over the place, I never am as comfortable as on my favourite Flounders Heights. But Tower Control on the Bridge should be good for the Splatterscope, and it's no surprise to see a charger on the other team.

I try to be sensible and keep my distance, watch my angles, and keep good vision. It works well at the start, getting a nice splat under a Splash Wall, then getting the drop on my opposite charger, moments before another inkling super-jumps in.

I have a bit of a moment trying to get up a wall, but it's harder than it looks. Once up there, I find we need to do some turf control. I help out with that, and take one inkling off the Tower, but we have a yellow inkling or two looking to cause disruption on the flanks.

Oh right, the other charger too. I assume he's better than me as well, so I'd better watch out. Still, I'm not terrible, and even a jumping inkling can be splatted, followed by the Sprinkler. Not too shabby! I even splat the other Splatterscope again, although his shot isn't prevented from firing too.

We've lost the lead now, which is a shame, but neither of our teams has pushed the Tower too far. We can still win this. I manage to take the Tower back by force of Splat Bomb, even if none land on the Tower itself, and somehow splat the Splatterscope who jumped off. Good job!

I get another splat on my opposite number, and then find myself in a spot of bother. I release a Splat Bomb Rush in a bit of a self-preservation panic, which probably looks a bit silly, and still I am in trouble. I squid away.

The clock ticks down, and we are in control of the Tower. I somehow forget that we lost the lead and let out a 'Nice!', thinking we've won, but all we've done is push the battle in to extra time. Then I get splatted, and we lose. Oops.

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