Splatting towards victory in Tower Control (8-2, Splatterscope)

6th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm close to getting back in to S Rank, so I choose the Splatterscope for tonight. I'm not exactly hobbling myself, as I can have decent battles with the Splatterscope, but I am more likely to have a decent battle and still be in a losing position. Sue me, I don't like S-Rank battles.

I get off to a good start. I hang back a bit, trying to be charger-like, and when the Tower opens up I jump on. An Inkstrike keeps me safe for a moment, and then, amazingly, so does my aim! I can't always splat two inklings at once, though, so I don't get too much further.

We are being hassled by an inkling trying to come up the side, but a bit of turf coverage at least stops him from causing too much disruption. I watch the side and the oncoming Tower, hopefully without compromising my position over either.

I know that Splat Bombs thrown on to Krakens just evaporate, but I'm on a Rush and have little else to do with them. A squidmate's special, the Inkstrike, comes to our aid in the end. I get my aim back for a bit, and I don't think I can blame my aim when a puddle-jumper comes my way. I can deal with him, though. This is why controlling the turf is important.

A nice bit of synchronised Tower riding follows, including abandoning Tower for a Suction Bomb, but my luck in staying unsplatted can't last forever. I keep my luck going a bit longer when dodging another Inkstrike, though, and try to keep the turf inked so that I can stay this manoeuvrable.

I exercise some caution, like a good charger, and press forwards when the team moves forwards. I'm quite please with my Tower-hopping abilities too. And it all comes together as the battle draws to a close, our team taking the lead seconds before it's too late. Woomy!

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