Playing safe in S-Rank Tower Control (4-3, Splatterscope)

8th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

Bluefin Depot offers a nice height difference for a charger, at least until the other team make it across the map. But if you're good enough, you can stop them, right? I stop the Tower's first movement, at least, and one approaching inkling, but the yellow team's progress must be inevitable.

Here comes the Slosher, as I aim for the Tower. One Burst Bomb gets me covered, but I survive. I don't time the Splat Bomb Roll, or my shot, and I'm a goner. But I reset, and hang back. I don't think I will be much help at ground level, frankly.

I feel I have to support the team when the Tower is pushed forwards. More than that, I clamber on when it is abandoned under some pressure. If I made my shot it would have worked better, and not even my Splat Bomb Rush saves me. But I push the Tower forwards a bit more.

I sense the yellow inklings on the ground are charging their specials as much as anything, even if none comes directly. I just try to keep my station and keep the turf inked, at least until my Splat Bomb Rush charges. Once I'm on the ground, I may as well take the Tower for a spin. Just a short one, though.

It looks like a defensive posture is good enough from now. The yellow inklings feel the pressure at last and make a move. I manage to roll a nicely timed Splat Bomb to get one coming up for me, and my squidmates do a bang-up job of clearing the Tower, which I get to see the watery results of.

A decent battle, I would say, and a victory for us.

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