Looking good until the end in Rainmaker (12-6, Splatterscope)

10th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

I'm sticking with the Splatterscope for this S-Rank foray. It should work in Arowana Mall, at least. Well, in theory, in the tentacles of a good player, perhaps. But I'm riding this one out in as much style as I can, and I notice that I even start this evening at S25. I must have done okay yesterday.

I get a nice early splat in this battle, just how a charger should. I follow up as a squidmate grabs the Rainmaker, and although he doesn't get far I get another splat, on the Squiffer. Looking good so far! Okay, I should have moved away from that super-jump ring. Newbie mistake.

I don't splat the Rainmaker, despite trying to get a bead on her, but at least I splat the Slosher threat to my perch. Not too shabby. And, sure, I don't splat the Roller rolling around, but I make up for that with a really nifty Rainmaker splat. Still looking good!

Another Squiffer splat! It's a shame my aim can't always be that good, or that I don't always spot flanking threats until they force me in to a Killer Wail. Those are the breaks, though. And when I come back I choose the right route, and my aim doesn't let me down this time!

I keep up my streak of being quite good, but at the cost of losing where the Rainmaker is, and losing the lead with it. Silly me. I then manage to take two shots to splat a Beakon, but I get it first time. At least my Splat Bomb Rush remains reliable, even if it uses the Rainmaker Shield.

Some good sloshing keeps us from progressing too far, sadly, and my forgetting that I'm on a grate possibly signals that I've lost my edge. Missing the hiding Squiffer whilst getting Sloshed almost confirms that, and the Rainmaker battle fizzles for me. Shame, really. I was looking good.

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