Holding my own in the Splat Zones (8-4, Splatterscope)

11th February 2017 – 7.00 pm

When the Kelp Splatterscope splats me from that jump I could never make, I think my number's up, and this battle is over. It doesn't stop me from trying, but I am now quite wary of my distance.

At least my Splatterscope allows me the benefit of shooting to cover some of the Splat Zones from a safe distance. It's not enough if we want to win the battle, but it should slow down the other team's counter, which is something.

But switching positions and spying the other Splatterscope lets me get a really nice shot off, which both releases some of the pressure, and gives me some confidence.

With the new confidence, I manage to mostly hold my position, snap off some nice shots, and ink a fair bit of the Splat Zones. Dodging the Killer Wail was nice, just about having room at the edge, and a nice opportunistic shot after that gets me a cool splat.

From what looked like it would be a romping, we get back in to the battle quite nicely. It even looks like we might turn it around in to our favour! The purple team fight well, though, and when a Splattershot comes right around to flank me it's perhaps game over.

I'm glad I hit that Roller running up the grating on the first go. Sometimes I can aim, it seems, and this is one of those times. It's not a win for the team, but it's a great boost for me.

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